Indoor plants contemporary homes

Indoor plants contemporary homes

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  • 18 indoor plants you can’t kill (so easily)
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Reasons why you should have indoor plants in your Dubai home!

Interiors without some green are not only boring but bland and somehow lifeless. Interestingly enough in the past few years, the world has seen how palms, succulents, ferns, and other exotic plants are thriving in fashion — we see them on shirts, dresses, and even designer bags.

Needless to say, greens are obviously present in some of the finest restaurants around the globe — some even being the main attraction. As for the workplace, plants have a place of honor in the world of hi-tech where the creative design of the workspace is of the utmost importance.

In art — natural scenery has been present for centuries, therefore, it is no wonder that in recent years we see the use of plants in our home become a real presence.

What is remarkable is that scientific research has shown that including plants in the interior of a home reduces both air and noise pollution and even reduces stress, contributing to a wonderful sense of wellbeing and contentment.

Once upon a time house plants were extremely expensive. They were a luxury afforded by only the very wealthy. Today, plants are relatively inexpensive. They come in so many shapes, sizes, are organic, and last a long time. As plants have become an integral part of the work of an interior designer, embracing plants in interior design is no longer considered a trend.

It is probably one of the most useful and effective design tools that an interior designer has in his arsenal to enhance the space of any room and in any home. So, the following are some tips on how to suitably and successfully use the magic of greenery in home design:. Often, we come across an empty corner in the living room, or in the study, or even in a family room. These are often corners that for whatever reason are hard to style. So rather than cluttering the space with an unnecessary piece of furniture, using a plant is the perfect solution.

You can arrange multiple plants at different heights to provide depth to the space or go with one eyecatching statement plant. A startling space for a plant can be fun and gorgeous, like in a guest bathroom. The addition of a living element adds life to an otherwise very boring space. As for mantles, tabletops, shelves, and bookcases, adding plants, even a very small plant, is an easy way to provide a touch of style and elegance.

The plant pot, its size, color, and shape alongside the natural form and beauty of the plant will add a little burst of life and color making a difference to the overall space.

Photo: Oded Smadar. In a rustic setting, baskets can be great as planters. In a contemporary setting maybe, a ceramic pot is the one to use. In a modern setting maybe a black or grey metallic pot would be most suitable.

Generally speaking, today, most people are definitely aware of the beneficial qualities of plants but are fearful of the care involved. Their lives are busy, and they are afraid that plant care will be too time-consuming. So, some quick pointers on how to care for these green living and breathing creatures. An easy place to start is to read up a bit on your chosen plant. It is essential to choose a plant that can live and thrive indoors and that does not need constant and direct sun.

Pretty basic, and quite simple. To Conclude — Plants can beautifully fulfill the decorative functions and complete the interior space of a home with their colors, shapes, and visual beauty aesthetic while simultaneously freshening up the air you breathe and providing contentment. Inspirationfeed Inspiring and educating bright minds from around the world.

Last Updated on November 9, Interiors without some green are not only boring but bland and somehow lifeless. So, the following are some tips on how to suitably and successfully use the magic of greenery in home design: Often, we come across an empty corner in the living room, or in the study, or even in a family room. Recommended Reading List.

18 indoor plants you can’t kill (so easily)

No green thumb required, these houseplants will infuse your living space with color and vibrancy. Tall, lush and lovely the fiddle leaf fig trees make a striking addition to any living room design. Fiddles are beloved for their soaring height, glossy emerald foliage and their enduring life span, under proper care. Interior designer Genna Margolis uses two fiddle leaf fig trees to frame the fireplace, accentuate the ceiling height and saturate the snowy white walls in this contemporary living room. This tall, textured and handsome olive tree brings warmth to this mostly white space.

It can thrive in both direct sunlight or artificial light so it's a flexible choice. Image: Modern House Vibes. 7. Pilea Peperomioides. Pilea or.

14 Popular Houseplants (and How to Keep Them Alive!)

Forget boring old cacti, these indoor house plants can survive careless care-taking and will make you look like the gardener you never were! Time to spruce up your home with different types of flower plants and indoor plants. For centuries, humans have been trying to bring the outdoors indoors, and through trial and muddy carpets, have discovered a number of easy plants to grow different types of flower plants and indoor plants that can survive being confined to the same living spaces as us. No matter how lively artificial plants look, nothing beats having living plants at home. Transform your home into an indoor garden today! Plus, this plant is super easy to care and grow — just snip off a small part of the stem and chuck it into water. How to care for money plant : Probably the easiest indoor house plants to care for, the money tree can produce stems that trail eight feet or longer, so just cut them when they get too long and your beautiful plant will continue to look full and healthy.

Plants Make People Merry

Having indoor plants is a great option for modern and contemporary homes. Beyond their aesthetic value, there are a lot of benefits to include a healthy dose of plants in any room of your home. Ranging from lowering blood pressure to energizing the mind, plants are more beneficial for the people who are ill that assisting in reducing the stress levels. Bringing green plants in your home adds so much liveliness to homes.

A macrame hanging pot holder is a great way to display house plants without sacrificing counter space.

House Plants

Kids Floating Bed Designs. Classic Handmade Quality Bathrooms. One Bedroom Apartment: Decorating Ideas. Smart Tiny House Loft Tips. Whether you realize it or not, lush indoor plants brighten up a place.

Plants of the Past: Mid-Century Modern

Your last chance to order in time for Christmas will be Sunday the 12th December. The earliest delivery day after Christmas will be the 10th January. Wishing all our customers a Merry Christmas. Totally Plants offer the widest online selection of premium, luxury house and office plants in the UK. Plants are a beautiful and valuable addition to any home or office. We can supply small and large indoor plants for most environments including kitchens, sitting rooms and bathrooms, through to beautiful large house plants for sunny conservatories and expansive offices. We have a wide range to choose from, as well as a good selection of planters and accessories , such as our self-watering system and plant care kits. We can supply small and large indoor plants for all kinds of domestic and commercial spaces — from kitchens, sitting rooms and bathrooms, sunny conservatory environments to meeting rooms, office spaces, waiting rooms and more.

15 Gorgeous Indoor Plants for Homes of All Sizes and How to Take Care with green plants and black watering can modern room decor cactus.

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Home About services inquire blog shop. I absolutely love the life and energy plants bring to a space. Along with the air-purifying benefits these botanical friends have, I swear I get a bit of subconscious guilt with them around.

15 Gorgeous Phyto Design Ideas and Indoor Plants for Modern Interior Decorating in Eco Style

From last-minute digital gift cards to crowd-pleasing plants—you've come to the right place for a green gift they'll love. Treat yourself this holiday season by signing up for a monthly subscription box. Give the gift of an elegant blooming Orchid, vibrant Anthurium, or carefully crafted bouquet. Enjoy plants, pots, botanicals and more delivered to your door. Our plant care library and virtual workshops provide support and encouragement to all plant parents.

Plants are a beautiful way of adding life and light to any space in your home, along with purifying and cleaning the air, how on earth can we not embrace this movement? Some like me cultivate an urban jungle within their surroundings, but for the novice, having and keeping plants alive and thriving may indeed, be a terrifying concept.

We are currently in Beta version and updating this search on a regular basis. Indoor gardens can contribute important benefits to home living, ranging from aesthetic beauty to improved health and productivity. Research has shown that indoor plants help eliminate indoor air pollutants called Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs that emanate from adhesives, furnishings, clothing, and solvents, and are known to cause illnesses. They also increase subjective perceptions of concentration and satisfaction, as well as objective measures of productivity. Indoor gardens may even reduce energy use and costs because of the reduced need for air circulation. These benefits complement the obvious aesthetic advantages of a well-designed garden, making the indoor garden an attractive residential feature on several fronts. However, indoor gardens require many conditions to ensure that they grow smoothly.

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